The Smart Home Revolution: Motion Blinds leading the way

The smart home revolution has already taken place, and the boons that we have gotten from it are plentiful. Internet of Things (IoT) has enabled seamless connectivity like never before, and with each appliance and nook of the house now under your control, it’s no wonder that the humble blinds have also been revolutionized. Their new, better version is motion blinds, and they are here to change your view on how IoT has made the world a better place by giving you complete control over each and every aspect of your home. This is the smart home revolution: motion blinds for convenience and home technology advancements. 

Let us start with a general idea of what motion blinds are, and then we’ll progress onto motion blinds and sustainable living and how smart blind solutions from Betr Motion are poised to transform your living experience. 

Motion blinds: what are they?

Motion blinds are motorized blinds that use electrical power to draw or close. With rapid advancements in technology, especially home technology advancements, the modern motion blind is a far cry from just motorized; it has been given the IoT touch, and now, each aspect of it can be controlled from the convenience of your hand, i.e., your smartphone. 

Motion blinds, now from the touch of your smartphone, draw and close automatically at specific times as per your input. While you might think that your average run-of-the-mill blinds are fine, too, let’s look at the many advantages of motion blinds and how motorized window coverings offer more than just convenience. 

The many benefits of motion blinds

Motion blinds go beyond just convenience; there is a reason why they are leading the future of home technology advancements. 


Of course, automation is done with the primary goal of convenience in mind. Motion blinds are no different; in fact, the next time you need to get out of your bed to draw the blinds in cold weather, we will let you know how much convenient modern motion blinds are. Beyond just operating at the tap of your smartphone, motion blinds can also be set to draw or close at specific times, thereby making your morning wakeup a whole lot easier. 


Blinds are installed on windows to keep out cold air during the winter and to keep out sunlight during the summers. With newer, better, and far more efficient materials being used to make motion blinds, the insulation factor is impressive, but what is even more impressive is how you can use it to control the temperature at your home essentially. By remotely drawing or closing the blinds at key times throughout the day, you can ensure that your home is warm or cool when you get back to it, depending on your preferences. Even better, with smart motion blinds that can be controlled from your phone, you can set a schedule for when the blinds need to be drawn, thereby insulating your home. 


The dangling cords and pieces of the control mechanism for conventional blinds can be a health hazard, particularly if you have toddlers or small kids at home. These low-hanging cords can potentially strangle zealous kids looking to explore the house, and since they are installed near the ceiling, the pressure exerted can be extremely dangerous. On the other hand, take the wireless operation of motion blinds. No cords dangling to the bottom, no worries. Your kids can play in the room as much as they want; the blinds will not pose any danger to them since they have no cords dangling from them. 

Passive security

Passive security involves deterring would-be criminals from sneaking a look into your home. That can be done easily with motion blinds. Since they can be remotely controlled, you can essentially close them down during dusk or at times when you might not be at home to keep prying eyes away from your home. This provides for passive security that works every time and keeps your home safe from intruders. 

Home beautification

The modern home is beautiful, stylish, and has both form and function. This means that not only does the home look good, but it also boasts a lot of practicality and useful additions to it. Motion blinds also boast both form and function. Motorized blinds from reputed manufacturers like Betr Motion have incredible designs and color palettes that can really set the room apart in terms of design and then have incredible usability as well. This means that they perfectly complement the modern home with their beauty, aesthetic value, and practical value as well. 

Motion blinds for smart homes: utilizing IoT 

IoT is the discipline that binds together many different aspects of human life together under the control of a singular device, itself being controlled by a human. Think of your Amazon Alexa, Apple Home, or Google Homepod; these are all examples of IoT being enabled to make your life at home a lot easier and a lot more convenient. 

Which brings us to motion blinds. Motion blinds are a useful addition to smart homes, owing to their interconnectivity and their importance to the décor of the home. Modern motion blinds go really well with the minimalist design language of today; and with deep, reserved colors, they accentuate each and every aspect of the room that they are installed in. The smart home of today has each appliance and aspect of it controlled by a central connection; the smart blinds form a part of the house that can be controlled remotely with a smartphone. Simply add the motion blinds to your home app on your smartphone, and you are given a world of control; from the times they draw and close to what opacity might be required, all is in your hands. 

Betr Motion Blinds: for smart homes  

For the modern smart home, everything is practical and pretty. In short, form and function are both a necessity for being a valuable addition to smart homes. Motion blinds at Betr Motion Blinds offer motorized window coverings with incredible convenience; simply control every aspect of theirs from your smartphone; whether it’s drawing them or reducing their opacity to let in less sunlight, everything is simply a tap away. 

As for the form and the aesthetic value of motion blinds, the best offerings from Betr Motion Blinds will look right at home in any smart home, filled to the brim with beautiful décor, furniture, and attachments. They look the part because Betr Motion has some of the best designs, coupled with incredible colors and materials to really sell the motion blind as more than just an accessory; it’s an embodiment of a lifestyle that has no compromises and knows exactly what it wants: both form and function from motion blinds. 

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