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Each window has a different need when it comes to window coverings. Whether you are searching for better privacy, blackout capabilities, or a child-safe cordless option, Betr Motion has you covered. We even have curtains, which are great for big windows.

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jose Marin
jose Marin
I loved my blinds they look great and have amazing quality👍
Narges Shirvani
Narges Shirvani
I had a great experience with Betr Motion Blinds. Excellent work, professional and fast installation with the best price they offered me.
Raman 1234
Raman 1234
I couldn't be happier with my online purchase of these blinds! The process was incredibly smooth, and the home delivery was prompt. The quality of the product is outstanding. I order kalos blackout for living room due to heavy sun. Thank you once again for your professionalism and speed! 👍🏽
Marwin Florida
Marwin Florida
Great quality, quick installation Bought zebra blinds online. Happy with my interior look now!! Must recommend!!
Raman Deep
Raman Deep
One of the best work I seen . Friendly staff. Take there time no rush. I recommend to my friends and they're happy with what they done.
Ali Javidan
Ali Javidan
Everything was great 😍
I was looking for zebra blinds for my newly renovated home, ordered from Betr Motion Blinds for the first time. The pricing is perfect with amazing quality and their website had all the info I needed to measure my windows and self install. Happy to get 5 yr warranty on top :) thanks
keegan southall
keegan southall
Needed a blind for a basement apartment window, and struggled to find something that worked. Then I found betr motion blinds and they had exactly what I needed, at a good price too! I highly recommend their products!
Anthony Silva
Anthony Silva
This is the 2nd time I’ve been ordering from Betr Blinds. Reasonably priced and good quality. Time to carry out the job prompt.Highly recommend!!
Rob Arbuckle
Rob Arbuckle
Found this company on Facebook marketplace. I had some apprenticing at first but everything went perfect as expected. The person I felt with was Dhillon (sp). He was very personable and did a great job installing our new Zebra blinds. He kept us informed and was on time with the installation. Will use them again for a few more windows I need done. Thanks


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The key features of zebra room darkening blinds include their unique alternating stripes of sheer and opaque fabric, which can be adjusted to control the amount of light that enters the room. They are also available in various colors and designs to match different room decors.

Zebra room darkening blinds work by allowing you to adjust the position of the alternating stripes to let in as much or as little light as you desire. They are effective in reducing the amount of light that enters a room, but they may not provide complete darkness, especially in very bright conditions.

There are several styles and designs of zebra room darkening blinds available, such as
corded or cordless, motorized, and different fabric textures and colors. It is best to choose a style and design that complements your room decor and matches your functional

The durability of zebra room darkening blinds depends on the quality of materials used,
their construction, and maintenance. They don’t require regular cleaning with a soft cloth or vacuum brush to remove dust.

Zebra room darkening blinds can be installed by homeowners, especially if they have some
DIY experience. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and use the right tools and equipment for installation.

The cost of zebra room darkening blinds varies depending on the size, style, and materials used. On average, they may cost more than traditional blinds, but less than custom-made drapes or curtains.

Zebra room darkening blinds can help reduce energy costs by blocking out sunlight and
heat in the summer and insulating against cold drafts in the winter. They can also improve
indoor air quality by preventing dust and allergens from entering the room.

Zebra room darkening blinds are usually made of polyester or other synthetic materials
that are durable and easy to clean. Some brands may offer eco-friendly or sustainable
options, such as recycled or organic fabrics




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