Enhance Your Home’s Aesthetics With Motion Blinds

Your home should be a perfect representation of yourself. If you are a flamboyant, expressive person, your casa should reflect that. If you are the type to keep quiet and keep to yourself, your home should have that restrained, elegant look that conveys the message without the showy colours. So, for the technophiles among us who really like technology and the many wonders and conveniences of it, their home will be incomplete without the technological marvel that is a motion blind. To keep the house looking and feeling like the 21st century, let’s look at motion blinds and how they are the peak in home improvement aesthetic ideas. 

Although blinds do not usually constitute a major part of the house’s décor, they are still pretty substantial and will affect how the room looks and feels. The motion blinds will dictate the tempo and the ambience of the room; the more elegant and modern-looking design the blinds sport, the more the room will look like something straight out of a multimillion-dollar house or estate. But first, let’s look at what motion blinds are, and then we’ll look at how they enhance the aesthetics of your home. 

What are motion blinds?

As the name implies, motion blinds are just like regular blinds, only they are motorised and use a system of runners to control the blinds’ movement with a smartphone application or a remote. While motion blinds of yesterday came with a blind, today, in the era of smart homes, motion blinds come with an app for your phone, which gives you incredible remote access from anywhere in the world to control your blinds. 

Not only does this give you a lot of freedom and control over your blinds, this also provides you with a unique set of advantages that normal blinds just don’t have. Let’s look at some of the advantages of motion blinds before we get into how motion blinds are the best in home improvement aesthetic ideas and how they revolutionise aesthetic window coverings

The many advantages of motion blinds

Here is a quick rundown of the many advantages of motion blinds. 


The main purpose of motorised blinds is convenience. Think about it: you have your regular blinds, which draw in and out using a manual system. While it isn’t much work, we’ll admit, it is still annoying when you’re lying in bed and you want some of that crisp sunlight but don’t want to get out of bed. Or if you really need to get out of bed but only the sunlight will do so. Then what? The convenience factor and the fact that these blinds can be controlled remotely are the best convenience feature of any product ever. 


Blinds provide insulation? How is that? Well, motion blinds do actually provide good insulation. In the winter, when you want sunlight to be retained throughout the house when you’re not there, simply control them remotely and open them up to let in the sunlight. In the afternoon, close them down from the comfort of your office, and come home to a nice, warm house. In the summers, you can do the opposite and keep the sun out by remotely controlling the blinds. So, you have for yourself a great insulative element in motion blinds. 

Passive security

Who knew that motion blinds could provide passive security as well. Since they can be remotely controlled, they are very useful in keeping prying eyes out and away from the sanctity of the home, and they can be opened up along with your smart lights at night even when you’re not at home to give off the impression that the house is actually occupied and isn’t empty. In fact, this method has been used a lot of times, and its all thanks to the wonderfully seamless connectivity of the motion blinds that makes it possible. 

Enhancing the aesthetics of your home with motion blinds

Your home is an expression of yourself and the times we live in. As such, the modern home is interconnected, with you as the centre. Use Google Home, ApplePod or Amazon Alexa to keep your house in your control; from lighting to temperature, you have the ultimate control. Why not enjoy this with your blinds?

But there is another aspect of motion blinds that make it a valuable addition to the home. The aesthetic value and the pleasing effect it has on the dynamics of a house. You see, the older designs and conventional colours have gone away; the modern house needs modern décor, modern furniture and obviously, modern blinds that are motorised. AKA motion blinds. 

Unparalleled elegance

The modern blinds were already very classy and chic looking. Add in a smooth, motorised operation that is supremely quiet and an ever-so elegant movement of the blinds and you’ve got a modern motion blind. Like the ones at Betr Motion Blinds. The elegance factor of motion blinds can be best explained by the fact that nearly all multimillion-dollar estates, mansions and penthouse apartments have motion blinds, taking a classy interior and taking it up several notches. The remote operation adds to a touch of class, and while they won’t cost you a million dollars, they will certainly make your house or apartment look and feel like one. 

Classy, regal designs and colours

Forget the faux green or the purple velvet. Those were older colours, colours of decadence and impracticality. The future is practical, minimal and uses less imagination when it comes to colours. Minimalism is all the rage right now in design language and philosophy, and motion blinds reflect that. With regal-looking shades of white, grey, blue and other sort of monotonous colours, despite their relatively unimaginative colouring scheme, you still get a brilliant and elite look that not only sets the room on fire but completely revolutionises the look of the room, taking it up several notches to make the room more classy, more upscale than ever before. 

Betr Motion Blinds: the gold standard for motion blinds

Practical and beautiful; that is the best of both worlds, and that is exactly what Betr Motion Blinds promise. With classy designs that will look right at home in an expensive estate to silky smooth and noiseless operation that will ever so gently guide the sunlight into your room, you are just one step away from enhancing the aesthetics of your entire household: and that is getting Betr Motion Blinds for each and every window of your home. With custom window blinds that are the peak of aesthetic window coverings and provide both functionality and form in the same motorised package, elevate your house’s appearance with Betr Motion Blinds and watch as it transforms your house through and through. 

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