Sleek and Stylish: Motion Blinds for Modern Homes

The modern home is interconnected, stylish, and elegant. Everything from the décor to the setup, the modern home defies the norms and fashions of yesterday. Complete with a minimalistic design aesthetic and a smart, interconnected appliance array, the modern home is also incredibly convenient. Everything is a touch away, and most of what appliances you have in your home can be controlled from your smartphone. That is the modern home for you, but now, we have yet another advancement that takes the already incredible convenience of a modern home up a couple of notches: motion blinds. 

The first question that might pop up in your mind would be: what exactly are motion blinds? Aren’t regular blinds easy enough to draw? Well, tell that to your sleepy self at 6 in the morning when you need to wake up, but you don’t want to. At that time, who will come to your rescue? That’s right, your motion blinds. Let’s take a thorough look at the stylish elegance of motion blinds and understand how much value is it supposed to bring in your life. 

Let’s get started. 

What are motion blinds?

Motion blinds are essentially motorized blinds that can be remotely controlled and drawn and come with a suite of options and a variety of styles. Since the modern home is interconnected and geared to provide maximum comfort and convenience, the humble blinds now have been transformed by infusing them with modern technologies. 

Motion blinds come with a motor attached to the bar on top of the blinds, so when activated, it will either turn or draw the blinds out completely. And since they are now controlled via apps on your smartphones, you have incredible freedom in choosing how much you want your blinds to open. You can also set timers, opacity, the whole nine yards. If the current trend of electrification and ‘getting things smart’ has done something good, it’s the interconnected home that takes the cake. From your lights to your motion blinds, everything is now in your ultimate control. 

Stylish elegance of motion blinds: adding value to your home

The primary criticism that motion blinds get is ‘blinds were already simple, there was no need at all to overcomplicate it’. Technology, as we know, is here to help us make our lives easier, not make it difficult or complicate simple things for us. In all fairness, yes, operating the blinds in your room is very simple. However, motion blinds take this a step further, and automate it for your ease so, at times where it might not be possible to reach the blinds, you can simply take out your phone and control your blinds however you want from there. 

Besides this, let’s look at some other factors which make motion blinds a valuable addition to your smart, modern, and interconnected home. 

Ease of use

The major benefit of having motion blinds is the ease of use. Because let’s all be real here: there are times when you need to get up in the morning, but you don’t want to. The only thing that will get you out is that ray of sunshine. Now, motion blinds, if you have customized or personalized them to open at exactly 6 o clock, they will do so, letting in the sunlight all by themselves. Without you having to get up. So, for the ultimate convenience and ease of use, motion blinds are incredibly useful. 

Elegant, luxurious looks

The modern home is both elegant and luxurious. Why shouldn’t your blinds look the part too? Why should your blinds look out of place in a house that is smart and interconnected? That is another big reason why motion blinds add so much value to the home. The stylish elegance of motion blinds will set your room apart instantly; since they come in a number of incredible designs, the motion blinds will always look and operate seamlessly and quietly, adding to luxurious ambience of the room and cultivating a sense of luxuriousness in the room, whether it’s the bedroom or the living room.


The problem with regular blinds were their low-hanging cords, which could become quite dangerous with children in the house getting themselves tangled in them, potentially putting them at the risk of choking. Since a motion blind is cordless and does not have any such additions to it, the motion blinds are pretty much child proof, and you can rest easy even if the kids are putting on quite a show in the room. Your motion blinds won’t be a risk to them at all, and neither will they be able to damage the blinds or the rollers

Silent and efficient

Regular blinds do make noise when you draw them, and the older they are, the more rattle they will create. The modern home has a serene and calm environment, and this rattling will sound really out of place. On the other hand, you have the stylish elegance of motion blinds that are not only seamless and quiet but are also quite efficient. Contrary to what you might think, motion blinds are very energy efficient and will only use a small, meagre amount of energy to operate. 

Provides security

Not physical security, obviously, but think about it. If you are out of your home for longer periods of time, you can always remotely draw your blinds to ensure no unwanted eyes start peeking around. Or, during the day, you can also draw the blinds just enough so that anybody around won’t notice that you are not home. This provides for a sense of passive security, and at the centre will be your motion blinds that you can control remotely. 

Provides insulation

Remotely draw your blinds during the middle of the day to let in as much sunshine as possible. For winters, the motion blinds will act as perfect insulators, ensuring that ample heat gets in, and once the evening starts rolling in, simply close them and you’ll come home to a warm room. Imagine the savings you will incur with motion blinds on your heating and electricity bills. Incredible, isn’t it? This proves that there is more to the stylish elegance of motion blinds. You can get incredible practicality out of it. 

BetrMotion Blinds: for homes to look absolutely sleek and stylish

With motion blinds, the experience of your room will transform, and if you have several of them throughout the house, imagine the impact it will have on not only the décor of the house, but also the usability and the convenience you get. Besides just the stylish elegance of motion blinds, you will also need a selection of designs to choose from that fit your home, your personal tastes the best. Enter BetrMotion Blinds: the motion blind solution providers that have the best balance of both form and function. 

The designs and styles of BetrMotion

Discover incredible styles and designs and shop from a wide range of zebra blinds, roller blinds, no-drill blinds and Vivus curtains that elevate the look of your house. By transforming the simple, humble blinds into motion blinds and combining the beautifully aesthetic and up class designs of the BetrMotion range, you get something that truly sets your house apart, both in form and functionality. Connect your motion blinds to your phone, or, if you have a virtual assistant device like Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Apple Homepod, simply hook it up to the motion blinds and experience a seamless transition by simply asking for your blinds to be drawn. Want the best efficiency out of your motion blinds? Ditch the power supply cable and run it on rechargeable batteries. 

BetrMotion Blinds give you the ultimate control over your house and your blinds. Start your smart journey today and get motion blinds from BetrMotion to experience what truly seamless interconnectivity feels like. 

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