Kalos Blackout

The new addition to our collection is Kalos Blackout, and the response from customers is overwhelming!! Especially charcoal and dark gray fabrics are our customer’s top 2 favorites.  Plus, it has four layers of poly-wool fabric for an extra blackout effect. Solid 4 inch Sheer 2.7 inch

App Control ($120.00)
Max Width 78 inches ($10.00)
semi-auto ($10.00)
Charger ($40.00)

Key features:

Kalos Blackout

  • 2024 Launch
  • Child and Pet Safety
  • UV Protection Fabric
  • Strong Woven Sheer
  • 95% Room Darkening Property

Why you will love this blind:

Get to know your blind:

  • These blinds offer versatile light control options. Lower the shade completely and align the fabric bands for a room-darkening effect. Raise it slightly for an open, sheer-like appearance. Keep raising for adjustable light control.
  • Sheer fabric remains visible when partially raised, setting it apart from conventional roller shades.
  • This blind comes in 3 lift options: one-touch, cordless, and motorized
  • The fabric will be slightly shorter than the cassette valance (headrail)
  • Cassette valance (headrail) measures 3″ (Height) x 3″ (Depth) – Brackets will add approximately 1/4″ to the depth. So make sure for in-mount blinds there is enough space to install.

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Cordless blinds operate using a simple and user-friendly mechanism. Instead of traditional cords or strings, they are designed with an integrated mechanism that allows you to control the position of the blinds by either gently pushing or pulling on the bottom rail. This innovative system enhances safety, eliminates the need for visible cords. Avoiding any accidents with children and pets


One Touch is a semi-auto mechanism that is simple to use. Instead of dangerous loop cords, one-touch has a sleek and thin stick that allows you to control your blinds. Lower the blind with just one touch-pull-down motion and raise it by pulling on one touch stick


Motorized blinds are automated window coverings controlled by a remote or smart device. Enjoy convenient, hands-free operation for adjusting light and privacy levels in your home with the push of a button. Battery life up to 6 months.

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Kalos Blackout